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Printing.exe,  Version 3.04
Pause or resume printing, or flush all queued printjobs on the specified
printer(s), or list all printers, their status and number of print jobs

Usage:    Printing.exe  printer  action  [ option ]

Printer:  /A         use All printers
          /D         use Default printer
          /X:"regex" use all printers matching the regular eXpression
          name       use the specified printer
Action:   /F         Flush queued print jobs
          /L         List printer name, status, and number of queued print jobs
          /P         Pause printing
          /R         Resume printing
Option:   /S:(N|S|J) Sort by printer Name (default), Status or # print Jobs

Examples: PRINTING /D /P       Pause printing on Default printer
          PRINTING PDF995 /F   Flush print jobs of the printer named PDF995
          PRINTING /A /R       Resume printing on All printers
          PRINTING /L /S:J     List all printers, Sort by # queued print Jobs

Notes:    Use doublequotes if the printer name contains spaces.
          With /L and no printer specified, All printers (/A) will be assumed.

Credits:  LINQ code to sort List of string arrays by Tim Schmelter:

          Test for validity of regex pattern based on code from:

          PrinterInfo code by Bas van der Woude.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05