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RichTextMessageBox,  Version 1.03
Show a fully customizable message dialog and return which button is clicked

Usage:    RichTextMessageBox.exe  message  [ title ]  [ options ]

          message       is the text to be displayed in the dialog
          title         is the dialog's window title
                        (default: program name and version)

Options:  /AlwaysOnTop  Modal window, always on top
          /B1:"caption" Caption for button 1 (default: OK)
          /B2:"caption" Caption for button 2 (default: empty)
          /B3:"caption" Caption for button 3 (default: empty)
          /BH:height    Button height (default: 25)
          /Bold         Bold text for message
          /BW:width     Button width (default: 100)
          /C:color      Text color for dialog (default: Black)
          /DB:default   Default button (default: 1; values 2 or 3 are
                        valid only if there are that many buttons)
          /Font:name    Font family name (default: Sans-Serif)
          /FS:fontsize  Font size (default: 12)
          /Italic       Italic text for message
          /Literal      Treat message as literal, do not interpret special
                        characters \n, \012, \t, \007 or unicode \u****
                        (default: interpret special chars and unicode)
          /Strike       Strikeout text
          /T:seconds    Timeout in seconds (default: no timeout)
          /Taskbar      Show in taskbar
          /Underline    Underline text
          /WH:height    Window height (default: 480)
          /WW:width     Window width (default: 640)
          /X:x          X-coordinate of upper left window corner
          /Y:y          Y-coordinate of upper left window corner
                        (default: center window on screen)

Notes:    The caption of the button that is clicked will be sent to the
          console, the number of the button is returned as "errorlevel".
          In case of errors, the "errorlevel" will be -1, if a timeout
          elapsed and no default button was specified, the "errorlevel"
          will be 4, and the text "Timeout" is sent to the console.
          If an invalid text color is specified, it will be ignored.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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