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RoboMove,  Version 1.00
Move files in target directory tree to make it match the source directory tree

Usage:    ROBOMOVE  sourcedir  targetdir  [ options ]

Where:    "sourcedir"   is the source tree root directory
          "targetdir"   is the target tree root directory
Options:  /D            Debugging mode: more screen output than Options:  Verbose
          /L[:logfile]  enable Logging
                        (default logfile: RoboMove.log in current directory)
          /O            Overwrite existing logfile (default: append)
          /T            Test mode: shows the changes that would be made
                        but doesn't really make any changes
          /V            Verbose mode: display every action for every file

Notes:    ROBOMOVE is a ROBOCOPY like utility, but instead of copying or
          deleting files, it only moves them. It is intended to be used when
          large numbers of files have been moved and have to be synchronized
          with a slow network drive (moving files is faster then copying).
          ROBOCOPY may be required afterwards to finish the synchronization.
          Duplicate file names within the directory trees will not be moved.
          Return code is 0 if all files were moved and no further action is
          required (i.e. no duplicate or new files), 1 in case of command line
          errors, 2 if duplicate or new files require ROBOCOPY to be run.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05