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RotateImage.exe,  Version 1.02
Rotate a bitmap by a multiple of 90 degrees

Usage:   ROTATEIMAGE  image  [ output ]  [ options ]

Where:   image        input image file (bmp, gif, jpg, png or tif)
         output       output file name and type (default: image_rotateddeg,)
                      same type as input image)

Options: /M:size      Maximum dimension of rotated image in pixels, either as
                      (original) width x (original) height (e.g. /M:1024x768)
                      or as a single number for the largest dimension (e.g.
                      /M:1024, equivalent to /M:1024x1024); if image does not
                      fit within the specified dimensions, it will be resized
                      while preserving its original aspect ratio
         /R:deg       Rotation in degrees (90, 180 or 270; default: 0)

Notes:   Unless an output file name is specified, the rotated output file name
         is the input image file name with "_rotated" and the amount of degrees
         appended, e.g. image_rotated90.gif; if no output file is specified,
         the file types of input and output file are identical.
         Return code ("errorlevel") equals the width of the (resized) output
         image before rotation, or -1 in case of errors

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05