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RunHidden.exe,  Version 1.00
Run a console program or script hidden

Usage:  RUNHIDDEN.EXE  command  [ arguments ]

Where:  command    is the console program or script to be run
        arguments  is/are the optional command line argument(s)
                   for command

Notes:  Unlike RunNHide.exe, RunHidden.exe will wait for the
        specified command to exit, and pass on its "errorlevel".
        However, like RunNHide.exe, RunHidden.exe runs the specified
        command in a separate process, so the specified command won't
        be able to change environment variables for its parent process.

        The specified command is started with CMD.EXE /C
        so besides a true executable you can also specify a script file
        which will then be run by its default interpreter. There is no
        guarantee, however, that this interpreter will run hidden.

        Redirection symbols and parentheses in the command line
        arguments must be escaped with carets, e.g.
        RUNHIDDEN DIR ^> dir.log
        Better still: use a "wrapper" batch file with the unescaped code.

        RunHidden.exe returns "errorlevel" -1 in case of (command line)
        errors, otherwise the specified command's errorlevel is returned.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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