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SiteMap,  Version 1.03
Create a Google sitemap for your website source directory

Usage:    SITEMAP.EXE   domain  [ workingdir ]  [ filespec ]  [ options ]

Where:    "domain"      the domain prefix to be added, including protocol and
                        trailing forward slash, e.g. ""
          "workingdir"  the source files' location (default: current directory)
          "filespec"    the source file filter (default: "*.html *.php")
Options:  /I            Ignore "robots.txt" (see Notes below)
          /P[:filter]   use PHP to generate file content for files matching 
                        "filter", then search the generated content for the
                        latest date in yyyy-mm-dd format
          /Q            Quiet mode: do not display matching file names
          /W[:file]     specify a "What's new" file which will be listed
                        with the timestamp of the last modified file
                        (default file name: "whatsnew.*")

Notes:    To use the /P switch, PHP.EXE must be found in the PATH.
          If no "filter" is specified with the /P switch, the *.php part of 
          "filespec" will be used (if "filespec" isn't specified either,
          its default value "*.php" is used).
          The program looks for a list of excluded files in an optional
          file named "sitemap.exclude", and for "disallowed" files in
          "robots.txt", both located in the working directory. Use /I
          to completely ignore "robots.txt".

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05