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SystemInformation.exe,  Version 1.03
Wrapper for the .NET SystemInformation class

Usage:   SystemInformation  [ property [ property [..] ] | /L ]  [ /I ]  [ /U ]

Where:   property   name or index of a SystemInformation property to be tested
                    (multiple properties allowed, default: list all)
         /I         Ignore and skip invalid property names specified on the
                    command line (default: abort on invalid property name)
         /L         List each property name and its index and value, sorted by
                    name (default, implemented for backwards compatibility)
         /U         open URL with list of properties and their meanings

Notes:   If a single property value is requested, the return code will equal
         the value returned by the function if it is numerical, or 0 if not.
         If multiple properties and their values are listed, return code is 0.
         In case of (command line) errors the return code will be -1.
         Be careful with the /I switch when requesting multiple properties,
         as you will be unable to determine which particular one is ignored.
         The meaning of the returned values can be found online at

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05