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SystemTrayMessage.exe,  Version 1.05
Display a tooltip message in the system tray's notification area

Usage:    SystemTrayMessage.exe  message  [ options ]

Where:    message     is the message text in the tooltip balloon

Options:  /I:icon     tooltip Icon (Error, Info, None, Warning; default: Info)
          /L          treat message as Literal text without interpreting
                      escaped characters, e.g. show "\n" as literal "\n"
                      instead of interpreting it as a newline character
          /P:path     Path to an icon file or library (default: Shell32.dll)
          /S:index    System tray icon index  in icon library (default: 277)
          /T:title    optional Title in the tooltip balloon
          /V:seconds  number of seconds the tooltip balloon will remain
                      Visible (default: 10)
          /W          Wait for the timeout to elapse or for the user to click
                      the message, then remove the icon from the notification
                      area (default: exit without waiting)

Notes:    By default, \n is interpreted as newline and \t as tab in message;
          in some cases this may lead to misinterpretations, e.g. when showing
          a path like "c:\temp"; either escape backslashes in paths or use /L
          to treat all message text as literal text.
          Command line switch /S will be ignored if switch /P specifies
          anything but an icon library.
          Use my Shell32Icons.exe to select a Shell32 icon and get its index.
          Return code ("ErrorLevel") is -1 in case of errors; with /W switch,
          return code is 2 if message balloon is clicked, or 3 if the timeout
          expired without clicking; otherwise return code is 0.

Credits:  Code to extract icons from Shell32.dll by Thomas Levesque

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2018-12-04, 10:49