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TestSitemap.exe,  Version 1.04
Test all URLs encountered in an XML sitemap

Usage:   TestSitemap.exe  sitemap  [ options ]

Where:   sitemap    path of XML sitemap file

Options: /D:nn      Delay of nn milliseconds between URL tests
                    (default: 250 ms)
         /Q         Quiet mode: display errors and redirections only
                    (default: show all)
         /R         Redirects count as errors (default: redirects are
                    displayed as such but not counted as errors)
         /XL        eXclude Language specifications, e.g. ?lang=en
         /XQ        eXclude all Queries, i.e. "?" and everything after that
                    (/XQ automatically implies /XL as well)

Note:    Return code equals the number of failed URL tests, or -1 in case
         of command line errors.

Written by Rob van der Woude

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