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ToString.exe,  Version 1.02
Batch tool to format numbers and dates the .NET way

Usage:   ToString.exe  template  arguments

   or:   some_command  |  ToString.exe  template

Where:   template      string specifying how the arguments will be formated
         arguments     single or multiple numbers or dates to be formated
         some_command  command supplying the argument(s) in its standard output
                       (multiple lines of input will each be parsed separately)

Example: ToString "{0,6:F2}\t0x{1:X8}\t{2:dd-MM-yyyy}" "0.125" 500 2022-02-24
Returns:   0,13	0x000001F4	24-02-2022

Example: ToString "{0:yyyyMMddTHHmmssfffzzz}" %Time%
Returns: 20220225T214121172+01:00

Example: TIME /T | ToString "{0:yyyyMMddTHHmmssfffzzz}"
Returns: 20220225T214121175+01:00

Example: ToString "{0}" %Time%
Returns: 2022-02-25 21:41:21

Example: ToString "{0}" %Date%
Returns: 2022-02-25 00:00:00

Example: DIR %UserProfile%\.. | FIND "<DIR>" | ToString "{0:D}, {1:T}\t{3}"
Returns: Saturday, 1 January 2022, 09:44:00	.
         Saturday, 1 January 2022, 09:44:00	..
         Wednesday, 16 February 2022, 17:22:00	Default
         Wednesday, 3 February 2021, 16:46:00	Public
         Saturday, 22 January 2022, 09:25:00	Rob

Quirks:  Regardless of date and time separators specified in the template,
         ToString may still use your culture's separators in its output.
         On the other hand, it may have a problem with decimal separators
         in a specified time string, even if it complies with your culture;
         some code has been added to provide for this issue.

Note:    Return code will be -1 if errors were encountered, otherwise 0.

Credits: Merge redirected input with command line by Atif Aziz

Written by Rob van der Woude

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