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TranslateCulture,  Version 1.01
List translations for weekdays and/or month names for the specified culture(s)

Usage:   TranslateCulture [culture [culture [...]]] [/M|/W] [/S] [/C]

Where:   culture   is a culture name, e.g. 'pt-BR' for Portugese (Brasil);
                   multiple cultures allowed on a single command line; if
                   no culture is specified, all known cultures are listed.
         /C        formats output as CSV  (default: list)
         /M        lists Month names only (default: month names and weekdays)
         /S        Sorts by culture name  (default: list in command line order)
         /W        lists Weekdays only    (default: month names and weekdays)

Notes:   List format looks like 'Sunday -> domingo' (Sunday in local language).
         The /M and /W switches are mutually exclusive.

Credits: Sort function optimized by Bas van der Woude.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05