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TrueName,  Version 1.02
Displays the true path of a file or directory, like COMMAND.COM's internal
TRUENAME command; this program handles SUBSTituted drives as well as mapped
network drives and directory junctions, and even some combinations.

Usage:  TRUENAME  "path"  [ /V ]

Where:  "path"    is the drive, or path to the folder or file to be checked
        /V        displays Verbose output, i.e. "specified path" => "true path"
                  (default: display true path only, without doublequotes)

Notes:  When specifying a file for "path", it doesn't necessarily have to
        exist, as long as its parent folder does.
        If "path" is an UNC path, it will be returned without testing.
        File reparse points are ignored by this program.
        This program uses DIR's /ADL switch to find the reparse target.
        As always, enclose paths and file names in doublequotes if necessary.
        This program's return code ("errorlevel") will be -1 in case of
        (command line) errors, -2 if the specified folder is invalid or if
        access is denied, or 0 otherwise.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05