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Which,  Version 1.48
Port of the UNIX command to Windows

Usage:   WHICH  progname  [ /A | /E ]  [ /C ]  [ /F | /P ]  [ /X ]

Where:   progname   the program name or internal command to be searched for
         /A         returns All matches (default: stop at first match)
         /C         Copies result to clipboard
         /E         opens Explorer with result selected, if it is a file
         /F         returns name and File version for external commands
         /P         returns name and Product version for external commands
         /X         returns eXternal commands only, no DOSKEY macros or
                    internal commands   (default: all types)

Note:    By default, this program first compares the specified name against
         a list of active DOSKEY macros, next against a list of CMD's
         internal commands, and finally it tries to find a matching program
         file in the current directory and the PATH, using the extensions
         listed in PATHEXT.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05