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Version 3.12


Holidays 3.12, © Rob van der Woude 2006 - 2013

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New Year's Day:
Groundhog Day (USA/Canada):
St. Patrick's Day (Ireland):
Good Friday:
Blame Someone Else Day (USA):
International Cat Day:
Columbus Day (USA)
Thanksgiving (Canada):
Sint Maarten (BE/NL/DE):
Thanksgiving (USA):
Sinterklaas (BE/NL/DE):

Holidays Calculator, Version 3.12
© Rob van der Woude 2006 - 2013

Use the PHP version above, or download the HTA, to calculate holidays' dates.
The HTA version has some extra features, like localization, immediate refresh when a year is selected, and a Copy To Clipboard function.
Just pick a year from the list.
For the PHP version only: click the "Refresh" button to update all fields.
The Holidays Calculator will display the dates for several local and international holidays.
Besides showing the dates for the selected year, those of the previous and following year will be shown too.
For the HTA version only: the "Copy" button copies the results to the clipboard in CSV format.
Paste the results into Notepad, or a spreadsheet, for further processing
For the HTA version only: the dates will always be displayed in the computer's date format.
The names of the holidays will be displayed in English by default.
On Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian computers, however, they will be displayed in their own language.
The default language choice can be overruled by using one of the following command line arguments:

/LANG:DE for German
/LANG:EN for English
/LANG:FR for French
/LANG:IT for Italian
/LANG:NL for Dutch
/LANG:PT for Portuguese
/LANG:SP for Spanish
If a configuration file exists, and it points to a translations file, the translations from the file will prevail.
The configuration file is a plain ASCII file named Holidays.cfg, located in the folder where this HTA is located.
It can contain 2 settings:


The language setting points to another ASCII file named Holidays.en which contains the translations for button labels and captions:
BlameSomeoneElseDay=Blame Someone Else Day
GoodFriday=Good Friday
GroundhogDay=Groundhog Day
HideNotification=Hide Notification
NewYearsDay=New Year's Day
Sinterklaas=Saint Nicholas' Eve
SintMaarten=Saint Martin's Day
StPatricksDay=Saint Patrick's Day
UpdateNow=Update Now

This allows you to write your own translations.
If your HTA version is not the latest "stable" release, an update notification will be visible at the top of the window.
Clicking the "Download" button will open the Holidays download page in your default browser.
Clicking the "Update Now" button will overwrite the currently running HTA with the latest stable release, after a prompt for confirmation.
AutoUpdate=1 in Holidays.cfg will update without any user interaction.

Note: In some test cases, the "on-the-fly" update messed up extended ASCII characters (e.g. Norwegian), and I haven't managed to fix it yet, so using the "Download" button is the recommended course of action.


Change History

Version Release Date
3.12 2013-05-24 Added "Reformationstag" and German translations for "Sint Maarten" and "Sinterklaas" provided by Gerd Schlag.
3.11 2013-03-14 Fixed a bug in the code to customize the caption for Saint Patrick's Day.
3.10 2013-03-14 Added Saint Patrick's Day.
Modified HTML/CSS code to make the styles work in Internet Explorer 10.
3.02 2011-12-27 Added Saint Martin's Day.
Corrected a wrong URL in the Help screen.
Added extended ASCII corrections to the update procedure.
Corrected some omissions in the text of this page.
3.01 2011-12-23 Added Halloween, Thanksgiving, Columbus Day and Saint Nicholas' Eve.
Added a Help screen, called by pressing F1.
3.00 2011-12-21 Added an option to customize the captions and labels by using configuration files.
Added on-the-fly update and silent auto-update options.
2.30 2011-05-30 Added Good Friday.
Added Italian (/LANG:IT) and Portuguese (/LANG:PT) to the supported languages.
2.20 2011-05-17 Added "Groundhog Day", a US/Canadian holiday on February 2nd.
2.10 2010-08-14 Added Spanish to the supported languages.
Added command line argument /LANG:xx where xx is DE for German, EN for English, FR for French, NL for Dutch, or SP for Spanish.
  2010-08-14 Replaced the screenshot with an online PHP version of the Holidays calculator.
The HTA version, which has more features, will remain available for downloading.
2.00 2010-06-06 Added "Blame Someone Else Day", a US holiday on the first Friday the 13th of the year.
1.00 2010-06-01 Improved window resizing and positioning.
Removed duplicate year 2010 from listbox.
0.40 Beta 2007-01-04 Complete redesign of the layout, to accommodate both smaller and wide screen displays.
Added a "Copy" button to copy the results to the clipboard in CSV format.
0.30 Beta 2007-01-04 Added scrollbar, and adjusted window size.
0.21 Beta 2007-01-03 Added New Year's Day.
0.20 Beta 2007-01-02 Corrected several bugs in the international settings.
0.11 Beta 2006-12-28 Corrected a bug.
0.10 Beta 2006-12-28 First public beta version.


Download version 3.12 of the "Holidays" Date Calculator:


File name:


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