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Help for Microsoft's JT scheduler tool


Microsoft (R) Task Scheduler Command Line Utility
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corp 1995-1998. All rights reserved.
This executable compiled as a retail build for the Windows NT Resource Kit.

@ <file> parse file
/? [cmd] display help on [cmd], e.g. /? abj
!<cmd> don't stop if command returns error
/ABJ abort task
/csage convert SAGE tasks to tasks (Win9x only)
/CTJ [<props>] create trigger in task
/DTJ [<id>] delete trigger <id> (default 0) from task
/EJ [<n> [T¦F]] edit task page <n>, persist changes T/f
/ENC <id1> <id2> enumerator clone <id1> from <id2> (see SCE command)
/ENN <id> <n> enumerate next <n> items (see SCE command)
/ENR <id> enumerator reset (see SCE command)
/ENS <id> <n> enumerator skip forward by <n> (see SCE command)
/GC get credential account name
/GM get target machine
/ISJQ <file> test <file> to see if it is a task
/LJ <file> load task object from <file>
/PJ print all properties of task
/PRJ [<n>] print next <n> or today's remaining run times of task
/PSJ [<id>] print trigger strings of <id> or all in task
/PTJ [<id>] print trigger props of <id> or all in task
/RJ run task
/SAC <file> scheduler activate task (load tasks\<file>)
/SAJ <file> scheduler add task (save as tasks\<file>)
/SC <acct> <pwd> set task credentials
/SCE <id> scheduler create enumerator in slot <id>=0..9
/SD <file> scheduler delete task (delete tasks\<file>)
/SE [<n>] [P] scheduler enum tasks <n> at a time, [P]rint
/SJ <props> set task's properties
/SM [<machine>] set machine (NULL = local machine if omitted)
/SNJ <file> scheduler new task (replaces in-memory task object)
/STJ [id] props set properties of task trigger <id> or 0
/SVJ [<file>] save task to <file>


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JT.EXE is part of Microsoft's Windows 2000 Resource Kit
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