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Ask me any question, clever or stupid. Preferably stupid. Those I can answer.

Mr Pijlgroms (my physics teacher)


Before you ask for help:


For questions related to sample scripts: I do request that you read the accompanying text before you start asking questions.
I had to stop answering RTFM type questions, there were just too many of them.

Read my FAQ.

Use my search page.

Use these debugging techniques for batch files to locate an error source.

Make sure you read the notes on temporary files if your question involves "Access denied" or "File not found" error messages when using any batch example from these pages.

Write down the answers to the following questions, as far as they seem relevant to your own question: (1)

This may seem like a lot of questions.
To solve a problem remotely, however, it never hurts to get as much information as possible.
Chances are you get irrelevant answers when you withhold relevant information.
Besides, sometimes answering these questions for yourself may already give you the answer, in which case you have learned a lot.

In case your question is about something you read on my web pages, contact me at moc.eduowrednavbor@ofni

Otherwise, use the information and expertise available in the myriad of newsgroups on The Net: you'll get more expertise from more people and your question may be answered a lot sooner.

Before posting to a newsgroup, however, search the FAQs and Google's news group archives first.

If your question still isn't answered after searching the Google's news group archives, post a message to:

Do not send attachments!

Don't forget to include the answers to the questions above in your posting. Include the code you have thus far as well.


Note: Questions marked with (*) are mandatory.

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