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Roman Numerals Converter

Version 2.00


Roman Numerals Conversion

Romans, Version 2.00
© 2007 - 2013, Rob van der Woude
More info on Roman numerals at WikiPedia


Use the HTML/JavaScript version above, or download the HTA version to convert between decimal numbers and Roman numerals.
To convert decimal numbers to Roman numerals, just type a decimal number in the "Decimal" field.
The "Roman" field will be updated while you type.
For the Roman numerals, "modern" notation is used, i.e. 1999 will be written as MCMXCIX, not MIM.
To convert Roman numerals to decimal numbers, just type the Roman numerals in the "Roman" field.
The "Decimal" field will be updated while you type.
While entering Roman numerals, the "Roman" input is converted to "modern" notation on-the-fly.
More information on Roman numerals and "modern" notation can be found on WikiPedia.
So, just start typing a value in one field, and the other field will be calculated on-the-fly.


Change History

Version Release Date
2.00 2013-11-12 HTML and CSS were updated to make the HTA "Internet Explorer 11 compliant".
The "Convert" button was removed, conversion now takes place while you type.
  2010-08-20 Replaced the screenshot of the HTA by a working HTML/Javascript version.
1.01 2007-05-25 Some minor changes: the designation "Arab" is replaced by "Decimal", and the "Roman" input is immediately converted to uppercase.
1.00 2007-01-01 First public release.


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