Rob van der Woude's Scripting Pages

Scripting Tools

Batch file utilities

Third party command line utilities and other batch file enhancements.

Windows Resource Kits

Command line utilities and management and deployment tools for specific Windows version.

Script compilers & packagers

Scripting editors & IDEs

Code generators

debuggers, object browsers & other developers' tools

Regular Expressions Tools

Tools for building and testing regular expressions & regexp based find and replace tools.

Automation tools

GUI tools to automate repetitive tasks, including FTP uploads & downloads.
Formerly also known as macro tools.

VBScript Add-ons

VBScript compatible components and extensions.


Other Software

Printing Tools

Monitor ink levels, reset ink counters, migrate printer servers, and more.

Inventory Tools

Remotely scan computers for installed software, hardware and drivers.

Shell Extensions

Functionality that should have been included in Windows.

File Viewers & Converters

View and convert files without requiring the (often bulky) software that created them.

Backup Utilities

Don't delay, start making reliable backups now (but don't forget to regularly test restores).

Security Tools

Anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewalls and more....

page last modified: 2020-09-19