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Source code for Natalie Green's createadliststart.bat

(view source code of ng_createadliststart.bat as plain text)

  1. @echo off
  2. :: This script is the first one run to start gathering host info from domain.
  3. :: Normally, it will use the current domain, but can connect to a trusting domain,
  4. :: like a sub-domain.
  5. :: This script can accept a filename as input which contains a line:
  6. :: A working FQDN with domain controller for the specified sub-domain. Example:
  7. ::
  9. IF "%1"=="" GOTO :UseCurrentDomain
  10. :: Get TLD of FQDN from value stored in filename entered, for display in CMD window title
  11. FOR /F "tokens=2 delims=." %%a IN ('TYPE %1') DO SET LDAPSTRING=%%a
  13. START "CreateADList" /MIN CreateADList.bat %1
  14. ECHO "CreateADList.bat" %LDAPSTRING% started in external window!
  16. GOTO :EOF
  18. :UseCurrentDomain
  19. START "CreateADList" /MIN CreateADList.bat
  20. ECHO "CreateADList.bat" started in external window!

page last modified: 2023-03-10