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Unix ports - WHICH, TEE & CUT

A long time ago (the dinosaurs had only just become extinct) I administered a 1Mbps 30 user 10Net network which was connected to a SUN model 3/60 workstation (or was it just 360?) for internet e-mail.

Since I sometimes had to make backups, I thought I might just as well study some of Unix' command line utilities.
At that time I didn't like the complex syntax of these utilities at all, so I soon stopped studying.
There were 3 utilities I did like, though, and found very useful indeed: CUT, TEE and WHICH.
That's why I "ported" them, first to (OS/2) Rexx, and later to NT and DOS batch and Perl, and more recently to KiXtart, PowerShell and VBScript too (WHICH only).

The Rexx and batch sources of these ports can be found here:

Note: In NT batch files, the in the non-NT help is a vertical line extended ASCII character (character 179 in codepage 437).
It is used because in non-NT Windows versions and in "real" DOS there is no way to escape a "real" pipe symbol.

💾   Download sources for all UNIX ports


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