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Create Folders

the way CMD.EXE's MD does

This script by Todd Reeves allows us to create folders several levels deep all in one go, like CMD.EXE's internal MD command does.


CreateDirs (Scripting.FileSystemObject)
VBScript Code:
Option Explicit

' UNC path
CreateDirs "\\MYSERVER\D$\Test01\Test02\Test03\Test04"
' Absolute path
CreateDirs "D:\Test11\Test12\Test13\Test14"
' Relative path
CreateDirs "Test21\Test22\Test23\Test24"

Sub CreateDirs( MyDirName )
' This subroutine creates multiple folders like CMD.EXE's internal MD command.
' By default VBScript can only create one level of folders at a time (blows
' up otherwise!).
' Argument:
' MyDirName   [string]   folder(s) to be created, single or
'                        multi level, absolute or relative,
'                        "d:\folder\subfolder" format or UNC
' Written by Todd Reeves
' Modified by Rob van der Woude

    Dim arrDirs, i, idxFirst, objFSO, strDir, strDirBuild

    ' Create a file system object
    Set objFSO = CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject" )

    ' Convert relative to absolute path
    strDir = objFSO.GetAbsolutePathName( MyDirName )

    ' Split a multi level path in its "components"
    arrDirs = Split( strDir, "\" )

    ' Check if the absolute path is UNC or not
    If Left( strDir, 2 ) = "\\" Then
        strDirBuild = "\\" & arrDirs(2) & "\" & arrDirs(3) & "\"
        idxFirst    = 4
        strDirBuild = arrDirs(0) & "\"
        idxFirst    = 1
    End If

    ' Check each (sub)folder and create it if it doesn't exist
    For i = idxFirst to Ubound( arrDirs )
        strDirBuild = objFSO.BuildPath( strDirBuild, arrDirs(i) )
        If Not objFSO.FolderExists( strDirBuild ) Then
            objFSO.CreateFolder strDirBuild
        End if

    ' Release the file system object
    Set objFSO= Nothing
End Sub
Windows version: any
Network: N/A
Client software: N/A
Script Engine: any
Summarized: Works in any Windows version, with any scripting engine.
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page last modified: 2016-09-19