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Inside the <head>

Site navigation tags

Did you ever see Opera's site navigation toolbar?
If you didn't, to demonstrate, an imitation has been inserted at the top of this page.

Notes: (1) My apologies to Opera users, who now probably see a double site navigation bar.
Don't worry, they both work almost identical (the imitation uses an imagemap).
Let's just say it is for a good cause...
  (2) For Firefox, a Site navigation bar Add-on is available, but it isn't nearly as sophisticated as Opera's.
Most importantly, it lacks Opera's "Show only when needed" option:

So, how do you, as a site builder, control the site navigation buttons?
It is quite simple, actually, just insert a link tag in the <head> for each relevant button, as shown below:

<link rel="Home"      href="/">
<link rel="Index"     href="/">
<link rel="Contents"  href="toc.html">
<link rel="Search"    href="search.html">
<link rel="Glossary"  href="glossary.html">
<link rel="Help"      href="faq.html">
<link rel="Up"        href="section_index.html">
<link rel="First"     href="page_one.html">
<link rel="Prev"      href="previous_page.html">
<link rel="Next"      href="next_page.html">
<link rel="Last"      href="the_end.html">
<link rel="Copyright" href="disclaimer.html">
<link rel="Author"    href="contact.html">

I love this feature, so I will use it throughout my sites.
And who knows, maybe, just maybe, one day, all browsers will support it.

page last modified: 2011-11-18