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Inside the <head>

The <title> tag

Did you ever see pages "titled" No Title in the search results of a search engine?

I bet you did.

To prevent this from happening to your own page, always specify the title of every page between the <title> tags in the <head>

Do not mix up this title and the one in the <body>, usually placed between <h1> or <h2> tags. They have completely different purposes, as their locations indicate.
The <title> in the <head> is shown both in your browser's title bar and in search engines indexes.
The title(s) in the <body> are shown in the browser's HTML viewer window only.

It does make sense, though, to use the same text for the titles in the <head> (<title>) and in the <body> (<h1>). This may have a positive impact on your Google ranking (or may not, no guarantees, but it certainly doesn't hurt).

page last modified: 2011-03-04