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Mause.exe,  Version 1.06
Mouse enabled pAUSE command

Usage:    Mause.exe  [ prompt ]  [ /T:timeout ]  [ /N ]

Where:    prompt      is the prompt to be displayed (default: "Press any key
                      or mouse button or wheel to continue . . ."; use "" to
                      show no prompt)
          /N          do Not flush the keyboard buffer
                      (default: flush keyboard buffer when program is started)
          /T:seconds  timeout in seconds (1..3600; default: wait forever)

Notes:    Return code 1 for key, 2 for mouse, 3 for timeout or -1 for errors.
          While Mause is running, the console's Quick-Edit mode will be
          temporarily disabled; before exiting, the console's initial
          Quick-Edit state will be restored.

Credits:  ConsoleListener class by SWdV on

          Code to flush keyboard buffer by gandjustas on

Written by Rob van der Woude

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