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RxGrep.exe has been updated: its command line parsing has been rewritten almost from scratch.
IsRedirected.exe has been updated: with the new optional command line switch /V the program will show the redirection test results on screen before passing on any redirected Standard Input.
CaptureDate.exe has been updated: with the new optional command line switch /D:seconds you can tell the program to use a different time "threshold" when comparing capture timestamp and file timestamp; and the program now scans the first Megabyte of the file, as the first kilobyte wasn't always sufficient.
DeDup.exe has been updated: with the new optional command line switch /R the return code (Errorlevel) equals the number of removed duplicates.
Tee.exe has been updated: it now accepts an output file name without full path (assuming current directory).
The new version requires .NET Framework 4.5, keep your old version if you don't have .NET Framework 4.5 installed.
• A minor update to SystemTrayMessage.exe: the new optional command line switch /L tells the program to treat the message text as Literal text, so a path like c:\temp will not be interpreted as C: followed by a tab (\t) and emp.
LoCase.exe and UpCase.exe have both been updated: they now accept multiple filespecs, and they will use .\*.* (all files in the current directory) if no filespec is specified.
Both require .NET Framework 4.5, keep your old versions of these tools if you don't have .NET Framework 4.5 installed.
• James Hudgins reported an error in the first version of GetVideo.bat, and corrected it as well.
The corrected version is available for download now.

Thanks James
GetVideo.bat is a new script to display information on the video card (model and memory).
Though this may sound rather plain and simple (or even boring), as WMIC Path Win32_VideoController Get will easily do the trick, the batch file's most remarkable feature is that it will even work in Windows PE environments, where WMIC won't return any video card information at all.
Tested on Windows 7 (regular) and Windows 10 (regular and WinPE).
WMIGen had a minor update: the dropdown for the namespaces will now be resized with the program window, so on large screens namespace paths won't get truncated in the dropdown list.
• Frank Geelen reported an issue with CountDown.exe: on his Windows 10 system, the program would complain about .NET 3.5 not being installed, unless it was started from the System32 folder.
Since my Visual Studio 2010 Express environment was having some issues too, the first thing I tried to solve the CountDown issue was to recompile it in Visual Studio 2017 on Windows 10.
And Bingo, problem solved!
So, starting with the DialogBoxes and SystemTrayMessage.exe today, I will upload my recompiled C# examples.
The recompiled C# examples will get ".1" appended to their original version number, e.g. the recompiled MessageBox.exe 1.28 got version number 1.28.1.

Thanks Frank
• With the new IsDuplexPrinter.bat script you check if a printer is capable of duplex (two-sided) printing.
SystemTrayMessage.exe has been updated again: it now accepts \n for newlines and \t for tabs in its tooltip message.
An example to demonstrate its usage (requires CountDown.exe too):
SET Message=It is time for your daily backup.\nPlease save and close all documents,\nor press any key to skip the backup.
START /B SystemTrayMessage.exe "%Message%" /T:"Backup Time" /V:20 /S:186 /W
ECHO Press any key to skip the backup . . .
SET /P "=Seconds to start of backup: " < NUL
CountDown.exe 20
	ECHO Backup has been skipped . . .
	EXIT /B 1
SystemTrayMessage.exe "Your daily backup has been started" /T:"Backup Running" /V:20 /S:186
REM Insert your backup command here
SystemTrayMessage screenshot
SystemTrayMessage.exe has been updated:
• I wanted to have a script show a tooltip message balloon in Windows' system tray, so I wrote SystemTrayMessage.exe.
By default, it uses icon #277 from Shell32.dll in the tooltip balloon; use the program's /S:index command line switch to select an alternative icon.
My own Shell32Icons.exe can be used to browse the available icons and get their indexes.
• I updated my Attic Numerals Converter HTA to demonstrate CSS 3 compatibility (i.e. rounded button corners).
• I added a simple demo project and a tip on embedded images to the new HTAs page.
• I added a new page on HTAs to the VBScript Techniques section.
• Working on an HTA for a project, I struggled for hours on what turned out to be a stupid typo: an improperly terminated curly brace in the stylesheet!
So today I updated CheckVarsVBS.exe, which originally only checked VBScript (and HTA) code for unused variables and subroutines, but now also checks for some common typos in HTAs' head and for nested subroutines.
• Happy New Year!



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