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RotateImage.exe has been updated again: it now accepts another optional command line argument specifying the maximum dimensions of the output file.
• For the project mentioned earlier I needed to generate non-standard barcode images.
Barcode.exe uses the EAN-13 TrueType Font to achieve that.
RotateImage.exe has been updated: it now accepts a third optional command line argument specifying the output file name and type.
• For a project I needed to rotate generated barcode images by 90 degrees.
My new RotateImage.exe does exactly that (and any other multiple of 90 degrees).
CaptureDate.exe has been updated: it still displays an image file's capture date and time, but besides that, with the new optional /S switch it will also set the file's timestamp to the capture date and time.
BootState.vbs and BootState.ps1 are the VBScript and PowerShell versions of BootState.exe.
Hardware.hta has been updated: it can now run in WinPE and safe mode too (though it won't be able to get all the hardware details available in a "full" Windows environment).
BootState.bat is the batch script version of BootState.exe.
• For a project I needed to have my script check if Windows was booted normally or from a Windows PE DVD-ROM.
To detect Windows PE, just check if the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\MiniNT exists: if it does, you are running in WinPE (tip by Mitch Tulloch).
My new BootState.exe goes one step further: it not just checks for WinPE, it also checks for Safe Mode!

Thanks Mitch



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