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Displays the true path and/or file name for a SUBSTituted, networked (Novell Netware 3.1* and maybe more, not in OS/2 LAN Server or NT) or otherwise "faked" drive.

Warning: In MS-DOS 7.* with VFAT/FAT32, TRUENAME will display an "8.3" file name for the specified long file name, though this feature doesn't seem to be very reliable, to say the least. All it does is truncate the file name to 8 characters (without even removing spaces!) and the extension to 3 characters, at least on the Dutch Windows 98 system I tested it on.


TRUENAME [drive:][\path\][filename]
drive:\path\filename Specifies the drive, directory and/or file name of which the true name is to be displayed.
Default is the current drive and directory.
The file name does not necessarily have to exist.

TRUENAME will display "true" file names even if the files do not actually exist.

As far as I know, there is no equivalent in either OS/2 or NT, though both OS/2 and NT 4 support it in their COMMAND.COM sessions.
You may want to use TrueName.exe (compiled C# code) TrueName.cmd (Rexx script) or TrueName.bat (NT batch file) to get at least part of TRUENAME's functionality.
Both TrueName.exe and TrueName.bat handle mapped network drives and SUBSTed drives correctly.

WHICH version 1.00 for DOS uses TRUENAME to display the fully qualified path of a specified program file name.

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