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Batch Files: Examples (T)

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Batch file examples
💾 Name Version Description OS (1) Last modified Remarks
💾 Tangent.bat   Calculate the tangent for the specified angle in radians NT 2010-07-15 Requires PHP
💾 TangentDeg.bat   Calculate the tangent for the specified angle in degrees NT 2010-07-15 Requires PHP
💾 TaskMgr.bat 1.00 Disable or reenable task manager NT 2002-03-15  
💾 Tee 2.11 Display standard input on screen and simultaneously redirect it to a file NT 2009-04-17 Explained (a little) on my TEE page.
Also available as Perl and Rexx scripts.
💾 TempNWD.bat 1.00 Temporarily map a network drive or use an existing mapping, and remove it afterwards (unless an existing mapping was used). NT 2001-04-29  
💾 TimeMark.bat   Set environment variables with the time the batch file was run, hours, minutes, seconds and hundredths of seconds NT 2009-11-15 The values refer to the time the batch file was run, they will not be updated to the current time.
💾 TimeShift.bat 1.01 Convert date/time from any timezone to local date/time NT 2011-04-11 Requires PHP
💾 Today.bat 1.10 Display the current date in DDMMYYYY or YYYYMMDD format, with any delimiter you want W2K 2009-01-20 Requires DEBUG
💾 TodayNow.bat 1.10 Display the current date and time in YYYYMMDDHHmmss format without any delimiters NT 2009-01-20 Requires DEBUG
💾 TrueName.bat 3.00 Display the true path of SUBSTed or mapped network drives or NTFS directory junctions NT 2017-04-13 This script is for CMD.EXE; TRUENAME is a native, internal command in COMMAND.COM.
Also available as OS/2 Rexx script.
📦 Twirly.bat 1.00 Display "rotating" characters XP W2K3 2009-05-28 Written by Brian Williams.


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Notes: (1) Operating System version these batch files were written for
All No version specific commands are used, though it is (obviously) not tested with every DOS version available
95 Windows 95 (and probably Windows 98 as well)
98 Windows 98
DOS3 MS-DOS 3 and 4
DOS6+ MS-DOS 6 and later
NT Windows NT 4 and later
NT4 Windows NT 4 (Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition too)
W2K Windows 2000 and later
XP Windows XP
W2K3 Windows Server 2003
W2K8 Windows Server 2008
W10 Windows 10
WV Windows Vista
W2K8R2 Windows Server 2008 Release 2
W7 Windows 7
OS2 OS/2 Warp
TS Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition, or Windows Server 200* with Terminal Services

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