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WSH: Examples (B)

HTA, JScript, VBScript and WSC examples

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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾 B64Coder.vbs 1.00 Base64 encode/decode files 2007-04-11 Requires Belus Technology's X-Base64 component
💾 Backup2ExternalHDD 1.00 Automatically start a backup whenever a specific external harddisk is connected 2016-11-09 Intended to be scheduled at logon
💾 Bin2Vbs.vbs 2.00 Convert a (small) binary file into VBScript code that can recreate that file 2019-01-30  
💾 BIOS.vbs 1.00 Display BIOS information 2002-11-30  
💾   BirdName.hta 2.12 Translate animal species (chordata) names from one language to (m)any other language(s) 2013-11-14 Discontinued; succeeded by BirdName.exe (witten in C#).
💾 BirdName.vbs 1.01 Use Wikipedia to translate a bird name from one language to another 2011-12-07  
💾 BookFind.vbs 1.12 Look up book title and author for a specified ISBN number 2020-12-03 This script uses's website to look up books
💾 BootDriv.vbs 1.00 Return boot drive letter 2003-01-06  
💾 BootState.vbs 1.00 Show Windows' boot state, e.g. Normal, Safe mode, Windows PE 2017-10-19  
💾 BrFolder.vbs 1.00 Open a "Browse Folder" dialog 2007-03-30 Based on the Hey Scripting Guys article How Can I Show Users a Dialog Box That Only Lets Them Select Folders?


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