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BatHL,  Version 0.51 beta
Search batch source code for unterminated quotes, parenthesis and percent signs

Usage:   BATHL  batchfile  [ /L:"logfile" ]  [ /N | /S ]

Where:   batchfile    is the source code to check and highlight
         /L:"logfile" tells the program tolog the results to a file
         /N           tells the program Not to display line numbers
         /S           Silent operation: no highlighting, just warnings

Notes:   The source code is displayed with highlighted ECHOed text,
         comments and doublequoted strings (BatHL: Batch HighLighter).
         A warning message will be displayed if any unterminated quotes,
         parenthesis, or variables, or other syntax errors were found.
         A non-zero return code means something was wrong, either on
         the command line or in the source code. A return code higher
         than 1 indicates the line number where an error was detected.
         If an existing log file is specified, results will be appended.
         If no errors are detected, nothing will be logged.

Written by Rob van der Woude

page last uploaded: 2022-10-05