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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾 AccessRd.vbs 1.01 Read MS-Access database files without using MS-Access 2008-03-14 Requires MDAC 2.8
💾 AddIPPrn.bat 1.01 Install a printer with a TCP/IP printer port on a remote computer 2006-01-31 Requires PRNADMIN.DLL
💾   ADSITest.hta   Test and debug ADSI queries 2007-06-19 Requires ADSI client software.
This HTA combines several sample script from Don Jones' book VBScript, WMI, and ADSI Unleashed: Using VBScript, WMI, and ADSI to Automate Windows Administration.
💾   AirReg.hta 1.04 Demo script using's API to lookup airplane data by its registration number 2020-02-15 This HTA is no longer supported; use the powershell GUI version instead.
💾 AllHelp.vbs 3.29 Display help for "all" Windows commands in HTML 2017-05-02 More details and samples of generated HTML pages on my AllHelp page.
Use version 2.12 (included in the ZIP file) for "legacy" Windows versions (XP and before).
💾 APIPA.vbs 1.00 Disable APIPA on all local network adapters 2008-01-09 Make sure you understand what this script will do before you confirm its action!
💾 ASCII2UC.vbs 1.00 Convert ASCII text files to Unicode 2006-07-30  
💾   AtticNumerals.hta 1.00 Convert Attic numerals to decimal vv. 2016-01-31  


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