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Batch Files: Examples (A)

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Batch file examples
💾 Name Version Description OS (1) Last modified Remarks
📦 A2U.bat 1.10 Convert ASCII text files to valid Unicode W2K 2011-05-10 Written by Carlos M.
💾 ActUsr.bat 1.00 Display computers on the network and their logged on users NT 2002-09-30  
📦 Add.cmd 1.02 Add really big numbers (beyond Windows' 32-bit integer limits) NT 2012-07-20 Written by Brian Williams.
💾 AddIPPrn.bat 1.01 Add a local TCP/IP printer on any W2K/XP computer in the network W2K 2006-01-31 Requires PRNADMIN.DLL
📦 AddMySQLPort.bat 1.00 Open port 3306 for MySQL in XP's Firewall XP 2006-07-29 Requires NETSH.
Written by Willi Huber.
💾 AddPrint.bat 1.01 Add a network printer on any W2K/XP computer in the network W2K 2005-06-11  
📦 AdminGrp.bat 3.00 Remotely update Local Administrator groups on all PCs in a domain (except PCs listed in an exclusion file) NT 2000-11-29 Requires USR2GRP.
Written by Kenneth C. Mazie, Kaiser Permanente National Server Operations - Walnut Creek, CA.
💾 AdOnGone.bat 1.00 Restore disappeared Firefox add-ons after a Firefox update W2K 2008-03-28  
💾 ADSHelp.bat 2.11 Create a (HTML) help file for "all" Directory Service Command Line Tools in Windows Server 2003 W2K3 2015-08-14 Requires Windows Server 2003's DS Tools.
Will only display help for the OS in which the HTML file was created -- in the language of that OS version, as is demonstrated here.
💾 AirRegNCmd.cmd 1.00 Search downloaded FAA registry database files for an aircraft registration number ("N-number") XP 2020-02-13  
💾 AllHelp.bat 1.40 Create a (HTML) help file for "all" NT4/2000/XP commands NT 2006-10-26 More details and samples of generated HTML pages on my AllHelp page.
💾 APIPA.bat 1.00 Display or modify Windows 2000 IP Autoconfiguration (APIPA) settings W2K 2002-03-03 Also available in VBScript.
💾 AppCompat.bat 1.01 Add an Application Compatibility Layer for the specified program W7 2011-10-18  
💾 AppendSilence.bat 1.02 Use FFMPEG to append silence to an existing mp3 file NT 2023-10-18 Requires FFMPEG
💾 Asc.bat 1.00 Return the ASCII value for the specified character, more or less like many scripting languages' Asc( ) function NT 2007-12-15 Requires DEBUG.
Creates a temporary utility that performs the conversion.
💾 ASCII2Uc.bat 2.01 Convert ASCII text files to valid Unicode W2K 2011-02-28 Requires DEBUG.
This batch file was based on research by Jacques Bensimon.
Creates a temporary utility to write the Unicode file header.
Embedded ASM code by JustBurn.
64-bit Windows uses either an "external" header file (ASCII2Uc.header) or ECHO instead of DEBUG; ECHO will insert an extra line break.
Also available in VBScript.
This batch file has become obsolete by Carlos M.'s A2U.bat, which overcomes this batch file's Unicode header problems.
💾 AtFuture.bat 1.20 Schedule a command a few minutes from now in the near future NT 2008-04-22 This batch file was a coproduction with Rob Fuller.


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Notes: (1) Operating System version these batch files were written for
All No version specific commands are used, though it is (obviously) not tested with every DOS version available
95 Windows 95 (and probably Windows 98 as well)
98 Windows 98
DOS3 MS-DOS 3 and 4
DOS6+ MS-DOS 6 and later
NT Windows NT 4 and later
NT4 Windows NT 4 (Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition too)
W2K Windows 2000 and later
XP Windows XP
W2K3 Windows Server 2003
W2K8 Windows Server 2008
W10 Windows 10
WV Windows Vista
W2K8R2 Windows Server 2008 Release 2
W7 Windows 7
OS2 OS/2 Warp
TS Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition, or Windows Server 200* with Terminal Services

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