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• With Internet Explorer no longer supported, I updated my page on User Output for batch files.


• With Internet Explorer no longer supported, I rewrote a large part of Hardware.hta.
It no longer uses Internet Explorer, at the cost of having to use temporary files for debugging and for displaying details, which may in some cases become an issue if you're not an Administrator.


BatCodeCheck.exe has been updated:


WinVerCL.exe is a new command line version of the native WinVer command.
WinVerCL.bat is its batch equivalent.


• I added a fix for blank system tray icons by Craig Kraus to my Tweaks page.

Thanks Craig


• A bug in CheckVarsVBS.exe was reported by Steve Robertson: the program did not recognize comments after Dim statements, hence reporting every word in the comment as an unused variable.
This has been fixed.

Thanks Steve


• A bug has been fixed in WMIGen: the program would return an error message when running a WMI query that returned arrays of UInt32 values (e.g. the HigherLayerInterfaceIndices property of the MSFT_NetAdapter class in the root/StandardCimv2 namespace).
• And a similar bug has been fixed in WMIGen for WMI queries that returned arrays of Byte, UInt64 or Object values (e.g. the MS_SmBios class in the root/WMI namespace).
• I updated the WMI Queries for Hardware page to include some useful classes of the root/StandardCimv2 namespace.
Note that elevated priviliges may be required to access this namespace.


DetectSpeakers.exe is a new, experimental tool to check if speakers or headphones are connected.
It uses 4 DLLs from the NAudio library for .NET by Mark Heath et al, these DLLs are included in DetectSpeakers's ZIP file.
DetectSpeakers has not been rigorously tested, as I only have limited sound hardware on board.


CompareFiles.exe has been updated, the old version would return errorlevel 5 instead of 0 when files were equal.



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