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• A major update for ProgressBar.exe: it now accepts both positive and negative values, and features an optional alternative color for "sub zero" values.
YoulessBar.bat reads power consumption or feed-in from a Youless LS120 device and displays the result in a horizontal bar (requires ProgressBar.exe).
• A minor update for Hardware.hta: Steve Robertson reported that the default theme was not changed to Black-and-White despite being mentioned in the change log, and found some "non-fatal" coding inconsistencies.

Thanks Steve


Hardware.hta had a major update: see its Change Log for details.
Many thanks for Steve Robertson, who spent a lot of time and effort in testing and debugging!


Youless.bat is a batch alternative to Youless.exe.


Youless.exe is my first attempt at parsing log data from the Youless LS120 Energy Monitor device.
Note that I am in no way associated with its manufacturer, just an enthusiastic user of the device.
I also started a new page Exploring the Youless LS120 Energy Monitor.


• And yet another update for GetDefaultBrowser.bat: it will now return the default browser name as well as its executable path.
HostName.cmd has been updated: its optional command line switches filter the output to hostname only (/HOST), IPv4 address only (/IPv4), IPv6 address only (/IPv6) or MAC address only (/MAC).


• And another update for GetDefaultBrowser.bat: it will now return the true user's choice for the default browser.

Thanks to Joe Caverly and Steve Robertson for providing the registry value locations


GetDefaultBrowser.bat had a very minor update, I corrected the spelling of its output.


GetDefaultBrowser.bat is an attempt at reading the default browser from the registry in Windows 10.
Not as easy as it used to be in Windows XP 😕


HostName.cmd Version 3 is a completely rewritten script to return the host name and IPv4, IPv6 and MAC addresses for the specified computer (specfied by name or IP address).


WMIGen had a minor update again:


• Another bug in CheckVarsVBS.exe has been fixed:
WMIGen had a minor update:


• Two bugs in CheckVarsVBS.exe have been fixed:


ClCalc.exe had another update:


ClCalc.exe has been almost completely rewritten:


• Another update for ClCalc.exe:


ClCalc.exe has been updated:


ClCalc.exe has been updated: no change of functionality, but its command line handling has been simplified, it has been recompiled for any processor, and last-but-not-least several examples have been added to its help text.


• Several bugs were fixed and some new features added in Hardware.hta 8.04!
Steve Robertson reported more bugs and typos in 8.03, and he suggested to look for multiple video controllers instead of assuming just one; and I used his VBScript code to get the correct amount of video RAM for internal video controllers.

Thank Steve


ProgressBarGUI.exe is a new batch tool to present customizable GUI style progress bar dialogs in batch files.
Because its usage is far from intuitive, and the help text may not be enough to get you started, the program can write 2 demo batch files to the current directory when run with its optional /Samples switch.


• I'm just recovering from a serious flu attack, so there is quite a backlog to clear...
Please have patience.
• More bugs in Hardware.hta 8.02, reported by Steve Robertson, have been fixed in 8.03.
See the HTA's changes list for details.

Thank Steve


• Several bugs in Hardware.hta 8.00, reported by Steve Robertson, have been fixed in 8.01; these bugs were caused by "On Error Resume Next" lines that were "commented out" (I do that during development, as I don't want to miss any error message while debugging, but last time I forgot to restore them before releasing the update).

Thank Steve
• One more bug in Hardware.hta 8.01, also reported by Steve Robertson, has been fixed in 8.02: very long property names will no longer be truncated in the Details windows.

Thank Steve


• I wish you all a happy 2023.



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