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• A new page has been added on base64 encoding and decoding in batch files.
It is based on Christopher Heng's article "How to Embed a Background Image in CSS to Get a Self-Contained Web Page".

Thanks Christopher


• And another update for DelTrash.exe: a new optional command line switch /L will make the program list the number of files in the recycle bin and their total size only, without actually deleting them.


Trash.exe has been updated: it now supports wildcards and has a new optional command line switch /C to continue on file deletion errors.


• A bug was found in AirRegOpenSkyCmd.ps1: at some moment between its release date and today it decided it could no longer find the database file.
This has been fixed.


• A bug was found in AirRegGUI.ps1: when specifying an invalid -SearchEngine parameter value, the error message would state that 'Google' was invalid.
This has been fixed.


DelTrash.exe has been updated:
• And another update for DelTrash.exe: on screen display of sizes over 1 GB has been fixed (would show as negative number).


• Another update for ListIntCmd.exe: a regular expression has been added and existing regular expressions have been modified to shorten the (error-prone) exclusion list — at the cost of requiring a short inclusion list ☹️


• An update for ListIntCmd.exe: the exclusion list was edited to exclude invalid results in Windows 10.


• A minor update for Epub2Txt.exe: no change in functionality, an error in its comments was corrected.
• A minor update to isDST.exe as well: no change in functionality, help text and whitespace in verbose output were corrected.


• Another minor update for Hardware.hta: the Settings and Help screens now show the correct default theme (Black-and-White)



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