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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
📦 VBS2CMD.vbs 1.02 "Convert" VBScript to batch file 2014-08-07 Actually more a "packager": the script wraps a VBScript file into a single self-contained batch script that recreates the original VBScript and then runs it.
Written by Denis St-Pierre, adapted for non-XP Windows versions by Rob van der Woude.
💾 VBSEdVer.vbs 1.01 Read the latest available version of VBSEdit from its download page 2012-08-19 Requires WinHTTP 5.1. 
💾 VBSNames.vbs 3.00 Demonstrates several VBScript techniques to retrieve user names, computer names & domain names 2007-01-22 Demo script from my VBScript scripting techniques section.
💾 VideoROM.vbs 1.00 Display video adapter summary 2002-12-01  
💾 VMList.vbs 1.00 List all Virtual Machines and their associated files on the local Virtual Server Host 2006-04-22 Requires Microsoft Virtual Server 2005


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