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HTA, JScript, VBScript and WSC examples

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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾 XHTTPDmo.vbs 1.00 Script to demonstrate file downloads with X-HTTP 2007-03-19 Requires X-HTTP component
💾 XL2CSV.vbs 1.00 Convert Excel sheet to CSV 2009-01-08 Requires Excel. 
💾 XL2XML.vbs 1.10 Convert Excel sheet to XML 2010-02-26 Requires Microsoft XMLDOM.
Does not require Excel.
Obsolete, superseded by Excel2XML.vbs
💾 XMD5Demo.vbs 1.00 Script to demonstrate using X-MD5 to calculate MD5 checksums 2007-03-19 Requires X-MD5 component
💾 XZipDemo.vbs 1.00 Script to demonstrate using X-ZIP to create or extract ZIP files 2007-03-19 Requires X-ZIP component


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