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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾   CalDemo.hta 1.01 Demonstration of Microsoft's Calendar HTML Component 2007-02-09 Automatically checks for updates and availability of control component.
💾 CanonReport.vbs 1.01 Display a report for a Canon IR3320 printer's total print output 2007-12-24 May or may not work on other Canon printer models too.
💾 CapsLock.vbs 1.01 Use MS Word or WordPerfect to display the CapsLock status 2007-12-15  
💾 CDEject.vbs 1.00 Eject all CD-ROMs on the local computer 2002-12-31 Requires Windows Media Player.
Posted by Christoph Fricke on a newsgroup.
💾 CDROM.vbs 1.10 Display all CD-ROM drive letters 2002-11-16  
💾 ChDefPrn.vbs 1.00 Open a print dialog to change the default printer 2007-04-23  
💾 CheckBOM.vbs 1.00 Check a file's Byte Order Mark (BOM) to determine its text encoding 2017-07-26 Since ASCII text does not contain a BOM it will be listed as "Unknown", as will binary files.
💾 CheckCalibreUpdate.vbs 1.01 Check if an update is available for Calibre eBook Management 2017-09-30 This script assumes Calibre's 64-bit version, you may need to edit the script for 32-bit version.
💾 CheckRes.vbs 1.01 Check if the screen resolution meets a specified minimum requirement, and exit with return code 1 if not 2010-09-16  
💾 ChkPath.vbs 2.11 Verify if all PATH entries are valid directories, and optionally correct errors 2018-05-16  
💾 CloneDate.vbs 2.11 Modify the timestamp of the specified target file(s) to match the specified source file's timestamp 2012-04-22  
💾 Coder.vbs 1.00 Encode/encrypt & decode/decrypt text files 2007-04-10 This is a very basic encoding algorythm!
Use it at your own risk.
💾 ComDlg32.vbs 1.00 Demo script showing several dialogs 2010-05-31 Requires ComDlg32.ocx
💾 ComDlgCP.vbs 1.00 Color Picker dialog 2010-05-31 Requires ComDlg32.ocx
💾 ComDlgFN.vbs 1.00 Font Select dialog 2010-05-31 Requires ComDlg32.ocx
💾 ComDlgFO.vbs 1.00 File Open dialog 2010-05-31 Requires ComDlg32.ocx
💾 ComDlgFS.vbs 1.00 File Save dialog 2010-05-31 Requires ComDlg32.ocx
💾 COMPorts.vbs 1.00 Display serial ports information 2003-01-03  
💾 CPULoad.vbs 1.00 Display CPU load information 2005-02-07  
💾 CPULoadTD.vbs 1.00 Display CPU load information in tab delimited format 2005-02-07  
💾 CPUSpeed.vbs 1.00 Display CPU speed for each processor 2005-02-05  
💾 CPUSpeedTD.vbs 1.00 Display CPU speed for each processor in tab delimited format 2005-02-05  
💾 CPUType.vbs 1.00 Display CPU type 2005-02-05  
💾 CPUTypeTD.vbs 1.00 Display CPU type 2005-02-05  
💾 CreateBackupScript.hta   Wizard to generate backup scripts and schedules 2016-01-05  


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