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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾 Easter.vbs 1.01 Calculate Easter Day for a specified year 2002-12-30 Based on the instructions found at Simon Kershaw's Keeping The Feast.
Try Holidays.hta if you need to check other holidays' dates too.
💾 EjectCD.vbs 1.00 Eject the CD-ROM from the specified drive 2006-12-26 Use CDEject.vbs instead if you want to eject all CDs.
💾 Excel2XML.vbs 1.21 Convert Excel sheet to XML 2013-11-04 Requires Microsoft XMLDOM.
Does not require Excel.
Formerly known as XL2XML.vbs.
💾 ExcelRd.vbs 3.00 Read Excel files without using Excel 2012-07-20 Requires MDAC 2.8
💾 Extract.vbs 1.00 Extract files from archives (ZIP, CAB, etc) 2007-04-17 Can also be used to copy folders with progress bar and optional confirmation dialogs.


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