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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾 PausePrinting.vbs 1.00 Pause printing on the specified printer 2010-07-11 Use ResumePrinting.vbs to resume printing again.
💾 PhysMem.vbs 1.01 Display a physical memory summary 2002-11-10  
💾 PingSite.vbs 1.01 Check if a web site is up and running 2007-06-21 See the Check Websites page in the VBScript Scripting Techniques section.
💾 PingU.vbs 1.00 Notifies when a computer gets on-line 2006-01-03 CheckEngine subroutine by James Lim.
💾 Print.vbs 1.00 Print any file 2008-01-20 Uses the file's associated print command from the registry.
💾 Print2.vbs 1.00 Temporarily swap the default printer to allow programs without "PrintTo" support to print to a non-default printer 2008-12-05  
💾 PrintDoc.vbs 1.00 Print the specified MS Word document to the default printer 2008-06-09 Requires Microsoft Word.
Based on a script by Arnout van der Vorst.
💾 Printing.vbs 2.20 List printer status and number of printjobs, pause or resume printing, or flush all printjobs on the selected printer(s) 2010-09-15  
💾 PrintPDF.vbs 1.00 Print the specified PDF files 2003-03-30 Requires Adobe Reader.
Based on a script written by Charles Hicks, and published on the PlanetPDF Developers Forum.
The updated script by Charles Hicks will close Acrobat Reader afterwards, unless it was active already.
💾 Processes.vbs 1.00 Display running processes 2002-10-17  
💾 ProdID.vbs 1.01 Display Windows' product ID 2002-11-30  
💾 ProgIDs.vbs 1.00 Display all available ProgIDs 2007-03-15 Based on a PowerShell script on
💾 PromptDemo.hta 1.00 Demonstration of Prompt, Confirm and Alert dialogs in HTAs 2013-10-15  
💾 PWGen.vbs 1.00 Generate random complex passwords of a specified length 2008-01-02 Requires CAPICOM
💾 PwdNoExp.vbs 1.00 Set "password never expires" for a local account 2007-10-01 Based on a Microsoft TechNet Script Center sample.


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