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Batch file examples
💾 Name Version Description OS (1) Last modified Remarks
💾 UnBlock.bat 1.00 Modify downloaded files' Zone Identifier to mark them as safe XP 2007-06-17 Based on an article in Windows Scripting Solutions by Bill Stewart.
More info on Zone Identifiers in MS Knowledge Base articles 883260, 889815 and 105763.

Disclaimer: By manually marking a file safe you effectively disable the zone checking security mechanism for that file.
This is absolutely NOT recommended!!!
Use this batch file entirely at your own risk.

More detailed information can be found on my Alternate File Streams page.
💾 UniqueID.bat 2.00 Remove Intel LANDesk agent's ID and force creation of a new unique ID 95 NT 2001-07-13  
💾 UpCase.bat 2.00 Convert filenames to all uppercase NT OS2 2001-11-20 Also available as KiXtart and OS/2 Rexx scripts.
💾 UpTime.bat 1.00 Display the amount of time a system has been up and running. NT 2006-04-22 Requires SRVINFO.
Also available in VBScript.
More or less equivalent to my OS/2 Rexx script LastBoot.cmd which is available in VBScript too.
💾 User2SID.bat 1.00 Return DOMAIN\UserID for the specified SID XP 2010-07-26 Requires WMIC.
Also available in VBScript.
💾 UsrInput   Ask for user input and store it in an environment variable All 2001-04-25  


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Notes: (1) Operating System version these batch files were written for
All No version specific commands are used, though it is (obviously) not tested with every DOS version available
95 Windows 95 (and probably Windows 98 as well)
98 Windows 98
DOS3 MS-DOS 3 and 4
DOS6+ MS-DOS 6 and later
NT Windows NT 4 and later
NT4 Windows NT 4 (Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition too)
W2K Windows 2000 and later
XP Windows XP
W2K3 Windows Server 2003
W2K8 Windows Server 2008
W10 Windows 10
WV Windows Vista
W2K8R2 Windows Server 2008 Release 2
W7 Windows 7
OS2 OS/2 Warp
TS Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition, or Windows Server 200* with Terminal Services

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