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Batch Files: Examples (O)

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Batch file examples
💾 Name Version Description OS (1) Last modified Remarks
💾 Obscure.bat 1.01 Obscure URLs by converting host names to hexadecimal IP addresses and by adding a fake host name as logon name NT 2024-04-09 Also available as Perl and Rexx scripts.
Batch version is limited to IP addresses through; for higher IP addresses the batch file will prompt you to manually add 2 decimal numbers.
💾 OpenAs.bat 1.02 Open Windows' "Open As" dialog for a specified file NT 2024-01-02  
💾 OUMember.bat 1.03 Displays the members of the specified OU(s). W2K 2004-11-03 Requires Windows Server 2003's DS Tools
💾 Own.bat   Recursively take ownership of specified directory tree W2K 2014-10-01 Requires TAKEOWN.
The previous incarnation of this script was published 2002-09-30. I would not recommend using scripts that old anymore. However, a security vulnerability disclosure on used this script as an example of vulnerable code, so I updated the code, leaving the vulnerable code in comments for learning purposes.
💾 Owner.bat 1.00 Display the owner of specified file(s) W2K 2002-02-03  


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Notes: (1) Operating System version these batch files were written for
All No version specific commands are used, though it is (obviously) not tested with every DOS version available
95 Windows 95 (and probably Windows 98 as well)
98 Windows 98
DOS3 MS-DOS 3 and 4
DOS6+ MS-DOS 6 and later
NT Windows NT 4 and later
NT4 Windows NT 4 (Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition too)
W2K Windows 2000 and later
XP Windows XP
W2K3 Windows Server 2003
W2K8 Windows Server 2008
W10 Windows 10
WV Windows Vista
W2K8R2 Windows Server 2008 Release 2
W7 Windows 7
OS2 OS/2 Warp
TS Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition, or Windows Server 200* with Terminal Services

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