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Batch Files: Examples (K)

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Batch file examples
💾 Name Version Description OS (1) Last modified Remarks
💾 KeyLocks.bat 1.20 Return the status of the CapsLock, NumLock and ScrollLock keys NT 2007-12-17 Requires DEBUG.
Also available in Perl as and in VBScript as CapsLock.vbs (CapsLock status only, and uses MS Word or WordPerfect instead of DEBUG).
💾 KillDisc.bat 2.10 Logoff disconnected Windows NT 4 Terminal Server ICA clients TS 2001-02-17  
💾 KillNtPr.bat 2.11 Kill an NT process, specified by its program name and extension (no path) NT 2001-03-14 Requires TLIST and KILL (NT4), PSLIST and PSKILL (NT4/W2K) or TASKLIST and TASKKILL (XP).
Also available as OS/2 Rexx script.
💾 KixAssoc.bat 2.00 Associates the .KIX extension with the KIX32 executable.
After executing this batch file once, you can call any *.KIX directly, without the need to "prefix" it with KIX32.EXE.
NT 2000-09-19 With SET PATHEXT=.KIX;%PATHEXT% (better yet: set it as a global variable in Control Panel, System applet) you won't need to type the .KIX extension to run .KIX scripts.
Adapt the (hard coded) path for KIX32.EXE to your own situation.
💾 KixMacro.kix 2.00 This KiXtart script makes the KiXtart macro commands available for batch files. Usage:

  KIX32 KIXMACRO.KIX $KIXMACRO=@macro [$VarName=env_var]

Where @macro can be any valid KiXtart macro. The result is stored in the environment variable env_var
All 2001-06-23 Requires KiXtart


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Notes: (1) Operating System version these batch files were written for
All No version specific commands are used, though it is (obviously) not tested with every DOS version available
95 Windows 95 (and probably Windows 98 as well)
98 Windows 98
DOS3 MS-DOS 3 and 4
DOS6+ MS-DOS 6 and later
NT Windows NT 4 and later
NT4 Windows NT 4 (Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition too)
W2K Windows 2000 and later
XP Windows XP
W2K3 Windows Server 2003
W2K8 Windows Server 2008
W10 Windows 10
WV Windows Vista
W2K8R2 Windows Server 2008 Release 2
W7 Windows 7
OS2 OS/2 Warp
TS Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition, or Windows Server 200* with Terminal Services

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