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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾 GConv.vbs 1.10 Convert units using Google Calculator and Internet Explorer 2010-07-07  
💾 GeoIPDemo.vbs 1.00 Retrieve geographical information for host names or IP addresses 2009-04-30 Requires MaxMind's GeoIP COM wrapper and Franz Krainer's System Scripting Runtime
💾   GetDate.hta   Calculate dates like "what date will Wednesday week 23 be in 2017?", or "what day of the week is the 30th of next month?" 2010-11-05  
💾 GetDDE.vbs 1.00 List all DDE commands for all registered file types 2008-07-04  
💾 GetFoldr.vbs 1.00 Displays a "Select Folder" dialog and returns the fully qualified path of the selected folder 2010-05-30  
💾 GetMyPID.vbs 1.00 Get the script's process ID (PID) 2017-06-22  
💾 GetPrint.vbs 2.01 List Print and PrintTo commands for all registered file types 2008-06-19  
💾 GetProductVersion.vbs 1.02 Return the product version for a specified file (dll, exe, hta or msi) 2016-03-02 Based on code by Maputi and Arnout Grootveld on
💾 GetRAM.vbs 1.10 Display the amount of physical memory installed 2002-11-03 Based on WMI Scripting Primer: Part 1 by Greg Stemp, Dean Tsaltas and Bob Wells.
💾 GetRes.vbs 1.00 Display screen resolution and refresh rate 2003-01-09  
💾 GetRunDL.vbs 1.00 List all RUNDLL32 commands for file associations from the registry 2007-01-01  
💾 GetSID.vbs 1.00 Display a user's Security ID 2005-12-03  
💾 GetTxtType.vbs 1.00 Check a text file's text encoding 2011-04-13  
💾 GetUnins.vbs 3.01 List or find uninstall commands 2012-02-01  
💾 GMT.vbs 1.10 Return GMT time for the current or specified local time 2011-04-11  


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