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HTA, JScript, VBScript and WSC examples

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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾 iCountry.vbs 1.01 Return the country name for the specified country code 2010-08-30 Translates country codes found in the registry to their English names.
📦 IEButtons.vbs 1.11 Use IE to present a dialog window with multiple buttons 2013-11-07 Written by Denis St-Pierre.
💾 IEChgPwd.vbs 2.11 Use IE to present a change password dialog 2013-11-07  
💾 IELogin.vbs 4.00 Use IE to present a login dialog 2016-12-22  
💾 IEPwdDlg.vbs 2.15 Use IE to prompt for password 2015-10-19  
💾 IEUserIn.vbs 2.11 Use IE to prompt for user input 2013-11-07  
📦 INIFuncs.vbs 1.01 Demo script for VBScript functions to read, create and modify INI files 2007-08-23 Written by Keith Lacelle, modified by Denis St-Pierre, Johan Pol and yours truly
💾 is6432os.vbs 1.00 Check if a Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit 2010-07-04  
💾 IsCDWriter.vbs 1.00 Check whether specified drives are CD/DVD writers or not 2017-08-14  
💾 IsDST.vbs 1.10 Check if the current or specified date/time is in Daylight saving Time 2011-04-11  
💾 IsLaptop.vbs 1.00 Check if a computer is a laptop 2007-03-23 Uses the Win32_Battery WMI class to check for a battery.
💾 ISO2Date.vbs 1.00 Convert an ISO date/time to the current user's default date/time format 2011-03-17  
💾 ISO2UTC.vbs 1.00 Convert an ISO date/time to Unix time (UTC) 2011-03-16  
💾 IsSiteUp.vbs 1.00 Check if a website is up-and-running 2007-03-19 Requires X-HTTP component


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