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WSH examples
💾 Name Version Description Last modified
💾 Random.vbs 1.00 Display a random (integer) number between 1 and 100 2002-12-29  
💾 Random.wsc 1.00 This WSC uses to retrieve true random integers 2007-08-15 Requires WinHTTP 5.1. 
💾 ReadINI.vbs 1.00 Read a value from the specified INI file 2003-04-19  
💾 ReadReg.vbs 1.00 Read a value from the registry 2003-04-06 Based on "Registry functions Provided by the WMI StdRegProv class" by Andrew Mayberry.
💾 Reboot.vbs 2.10 Reboot any computer 2007-11-21 Based on a post by Alex K. Angelopoulos on
See my Shutdown page for shutdown and reboot commands for "all" operating systems.
💾 Recycle.vbs 2.01 Send the contents of a folder to the Recycle Bin 2020-12-01  
💾 Reg2Scr.vbs   Read a registry key and generate KiXtart and VBScript code to recreate that registry key 2008-07-07 Works from any computer to any computer
📦 Reg2Vbs.vbs 1.51 Converts all .REG files in current directory to VBScript in one shot 2012-02-17 Original script by Tim Mortimer, extended by Denis St-Pierre.
Make sure you read the logged comments in the resulting scripts!
💾 Regedit.vbs 1.00 Open Windows 2000's REGEDIT.EXE in "classic" view (root) instead of last accessed key 2002-04-16 Tip and VBScript file from the Windows Scripting Guide
💾 ResizeVideo.hta 1.00 Use FFMPEG to resize a video and save it in MP4 format 2021-05-06 Requires FFMPEG 4+
💾 ResumePrinting.vbs 1.00 Resume printing on the specified printer 2010-07-11 Use PausePrinting.vbs to pause printing.
💾 Revo_Ver.vbs 2.00 Read the latest available uninstaller version from Revo's website 2012-08-08 Requires WinHTTP 5.1. 
💾 RFaR.vbs 1.00 Regex Find and Replace 2010-07-30 Can be used to replace text in ASCII files or strings.
Limited testing on XML files suggests UTF-8 is handled correctly as long as no Unicode characters need to be found or replaced.
💾 RipCD.vbs 1.00 Save audio CD tracks as MP3s 2015-11-24 Requires VLC Media Player.
Based on a batch file by elrobis, to which I added automatic detection of VLC path and CDROM drive letter and an option to use translated or customized messages
💾 RndClass.vbs   This class retrieves true random numbers from 2007-08-13 Requires WinHTTP 5.1. 
💾 RndComp.vbs 1.00 Demo script retrieves true random numbers from using Random.wsc component 2007-08-15 Requires WinHTTP 5.1.
The VBScript uses the Windows Script Component to retrieve the random integers
💾   Romans.hta 2.00 Convert Roman numerals to decimal vv. 2013-11-12 Also available as on-line JavaScript version
💾 RotateVideo.hta 1.00 Use FFMPEG to rotate a video and save it in MP4 format 2021-05-05 Requires FFMPEG 4+
💾 RunNHide.vbs 2.00 Run a command hidden 2007-10-24 Based on a similar script by Alistair Johnson; I added some basic error checking and the possibility to use multiple command line arguments.


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